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About me

After 18 years as an English teacher, I am embarking on a career change that allows me to be a lifelong learner in an ever-changing field. I have an undergraduate degree in English literature, a masters degree in education, and I just completed a web developer bootcamp at Awesome Inc U. The web developer bootcamp is a 12-week, full-time training program for aspiring software developers. This intense training program is designed to quickly take participants from the basics of programming to a level of competency in building modern web applications. With over 500 hours of hands-on training, I gained experience while building projects using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Vue, PHP, Laravel, Heroku, and GitHub.


Development Skills: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Sass, JavaScript, PHP, Vuejs Framework, Laravel Framework, PostgreSQL, Git, Github

Other Skills: Writing, editing, research, communication, planning, analysis, curriculum development

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